What we've been up to!

It’s been a little while since we’ve shared any updates.

While you may see us running around in and out of schools, what happens behind the scenes? Lots!

We’re thrilled to confidently say this fall has been one of the best for our team – the time and investment into our infrasturucture has paid off for our team & helped our students & staff stay connected reliably to local and online resources.

We’ve been implementing a significant number of improvements to our Wifi system – something which we’ve seen great results from in terms of bandwidth and reliability. We’ve been learning and implementing a feature called ‘network shaping.’ Simply put, we can focus our users experience towards apps that encourage learning – rather than things that detract (Facebook video streaming, gaming, social media). We’ve also tuned our Student & Staff wifi networks appropriately to ensure these changes represent their users needs.

Our team has also been focusing on security and redundancy of our data, records, student data & backups.

The big focus this fall has also been around security. With so much focus in the IT world on becoming security focused, we’ve taken pre-emptive steps to ensure our network, the devices & infrastructure is patched, updated & we have appropriate security policies on our firewalls & servers. The world of IT is ever evolving, so must we.

We’re thrilled to be a part of such a unique & wonderful district, we welcome the challenges & projects our team tackles on a daily basis. Here’s to another fall school startup!

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