The Holidays are here!

It seems crazy to think that today is the first day of winter. As I sat in my work van waiting for the Bowen Queen to dock at one of our more remote schools (Saturna Island), it dawned on me that it felt like only yesterday I was biking the local mountains in the peak of summer.

I suppose it will be spring before we know it. It’s been a really great start to the school year for our tech team. Whenever we think there’s an end in sight for all the work we’ve done, there’s always a guarantee of something new. We now move into infrastructure project mode – aka.. all those projects you don’t have time to do during the work week when your infrastructure needs to be online and working for the masses. While it’s also time for us to relax & enjoy time with family and friends, it’s a rewarding time for our team to look back & reflect on a year of success and overcoming massive obstacles.

Here’s to the new year. Thanks for everything, 2017!

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