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Our Information Technology services is comprised of a three person full-time team – servicing all our School sites, maintenance plant, board office & data-center.

We manage & maintain all district owned hardware (laptops, desktops, printers, copiers), as well as network & server infrastructure at our district sites. Additionally, we manage the security, updates & privacy of our school firewalls, servers & student/faculty data by complying with FOIPPA (Freedom of Information & Privacy Act) guidelines.

We strive to offer a responsive, effective & personable approach to tech support.

How to get tech support

Our work is centralized around a ticketing system called OSTicket. All technical requests are submitted on your behalf by your School tech leader. Each school site will have their own tech leader who is responsible for creating, following up & managing your school site tickets. This ensures we don’t get duplicate requests. If you’re unsure of who your School tech leader is, see this list.

Additionally, all our tickets are tracked by category – so we’re able to see emerging trends or issues/trouble forecasting.

If you’re submitting a ticket to our IT Team, please see our OSTicket Best Practices. Providing relevant, timely & precise information in a ticket can help us help you quicker!

OSTicket Best Practices

What we support

-All District owned hardware (Macs, PC’s, Printers & Copiers).
-Setup & creation of Gmail/O365/faculty/student accounts/lab logins.
-Performance related issues (poor wifi, slow internet, site outages).
-District infrastructure (Servers, switches, access points).
-Personal BYOD devices *We only support getting devices on our wifi network/printing capabilities.

What we don’t support

-Repair (hardware or software) on personal BYOD devices.
-Non major Operating Systems (Linux, CentOS, etc).

Working Hours

Our Information Technology team is available between 7-5pm Monday-Friday. Our team is not available for work outside these hours unless approved by the board or Director of Instruction & Learning Services.


If your school site has a technical related emergency & requires one of our team members to resolve, you may contact us directly at your discretion anytime during our normal working hours by phone or email. Please keep in mind emergencies are generally categorized as the following:

-Total site outage (no internet)
-Server outage (access to critical School related resources)
-Time sensitive work or project hampered by non working technology
-Assistive Technology no longer working

Often our team will book weeks in advance to facilitate visits, meetings, fixes & various projects around our unique Gulf island geography. We will always do the best we can to serve you given our team size & current ticket load.

Self Serve Outage Map

You can check the self serve Outage Map of any of our School Sites here. Use username & password tech/tech for access. (WAN only)*

Assignment of work

Historically, our Information Technology team were assigned to particular school sites – this model served us well for many years. However, due to technological needs & job roles changing, our team assigns technicians based on the technical nature of an issue. This allows us to be more efficient when assigning a particular team member to tackle a challenge.

Here’s our current breakdown of Tech Duties.

Infrastructure    CategoryPrimary   Secondary 
  NGN / ECS Jacob   Guy 
  WiFi / Ruckus  Jacob   Guy 
  Palo Alto Firewalls Jacob   Guy 
  Backup & Recovery  Jacob   Guy, Brien 
  Subnet & VLAN Jacob   Guy 
  Cisco Switches  Jacob   Guy 
  Server Management  Jacob   Guy 
  Active Directory  Guy  Jacob 
Security Incident Management    Jacob  Guy 
Device Administration iPads  Brien  Guy, Jacob 
  PC’s  Brien 
Guy, Jacob 
  Macs  Guy  Brien, Jacob 
  AppleTV  Guy  Brien 
   Chromebooks  Guy  Brien 
Software  O365  Brien  Jacob, Guy, Clare 
  GAFE  Guy  Maurice 
  SDS  Jacob  Guy 
  Filemaker Pro  Jacob  Paul 
  MyEdBC  Clare  Paul 
  OS Ticket  Jacob  Tech Team 
Services  SET-BC  Guy  Colleen 
  ERAC  Rachel  Guy 
  Tech for Learning – T4L  Doug  Paul 
  Inventory  Clare  Jacob, Guy 
  Ordering  Clare  Tech Team 
  L4U  Rachel   
Teacher Support  GAFE  Maurice  Guy 
  FMP   Paul  Jacob 
  Design Thinking & Coding   Paul  Maurice 
  Video Conferencing  Brien  Guy 
Risk Management    Doug & team   
Annual Calendar    Doug & team