If you're SD64 district faculty, you may be eligible to access district licensed software to assist in your role. We have district licenses for a variety of educational purposes.

Licensed Software
Software available to all staff

FileMaker Pro 17.0.5

FileMaker Pro is required to access certain school district resources. Depending on your device, your download options will be different.

You'll require the license information in order to complete the install contained in the Filemaker License

To ensure compatibility with our School District hosted databases, we recommend uninstalling all other versions of FileMaker on your computer.

Please note these downloads only work within SD WAN*

FileMaker Pro - Web Access
FileMaker Pro - Mac Download / Mac External
FileMaker Pro - PC Download / PC External
FileMaker Pro - iPad Download

Office 365

Office 365 is our core resource for collaboration and sharing. Each staff member is provided an account in the system.  To support all aspects of in person & remote learning, every student is now provided with an Office 365 account.  For students in grades K through 8, this mirrors the anonymized login and password for their Gmail accounts if they have one.  Upon request, classroom teachers will be provided with login information to facilitate students and families establishing these new accounts.

The Office suite is available for our district faculty for educational purposes. You can login to the office.com portal to access the full suite in your browser. Additionally, your Educational license allows the full mobile, Desktop Mac & PC versions for download.

You can follow this guide for instructions on how to download Office on your desktop computer.


Microsoft Teams and Classroom NoteBook are excellent tools in Office 365 for delivering content and for collaborating with students over video/audio conferencing & more.

You can download the standalone Teams App for Mac, PC, Android or iOS here.

Education related training & resources can be found here.

One Drive

Microsoft includes One Drive as part of this suite, we recommend this as a secure solution for data backup for faculty looking to backup their documents. All data stored in One Drive is compliant with FOIPPA & stores all data on Canadian Servers.

One Drive is available as a free downloadable App for both Mac & PC platforms. Faculty need only to login with their School District supplied O365 credentials to login. Each faculty is eligible to up to 1 Terabyte of storage one their One Drive.

One Drive for PC Download
One Drive for Mac Download

Minecraft for Education

Microsoft includes Minecraft for Education as part of the O365 suite. There are significant resources for integrating Minecraft into the classroom - did you know it's being used for everything from STEM to coding to team building?

Check out our Minecraft for Education page for tons of resources for Educators on getting started.

You can download Minecraft for Education here for PC, Mac or iPad here.

Zoom Enterprise

Zoom Has been licensed by the Provincial Government for us in K-12 Schools as a tool for remote learning. Like any tool we use in the classroom (whether in person or digital), it's important to be aware of appropriate use, privacy & security. We recommend all faculty review the Zoom Privacy Policy & review best practices for hosting a digital classroom.

Attention: Zoom 5.2.3 is now available for download. For existing Zoom users, please update to the latest version as soon as possible to avoid service issues. See here for guidance on upgrading.

Download Zoom for Mac & PC

CIRA Shield

With many of us now working remotely, our risk for malware & data breach increases. This is a great additional level of protection for those working from home or a public network.

CIRA Canadian Shield has been engineered to provide protection for all your devices both on your home network and while roaming. By configuring the service on your home router/gateway all of the devices that use your home network will be protected. You can also configure Canadian Shield on your individual computers by changing the DNS settings in the operating system or applicable application. Finally, CIRA Canadian Shield is available as an Android and iOS app to protect your mobile devices.

Find out more on CIRA.ca

Adobe Creative Cloud

We are using Adobe Creative Cloud for the 2020-21 School Year - we have limited seats available for staff & students.

Windows Defender
With our recent move to Windows 10 Education across our district, we've made the choice to go with the built in and lightweight Windows Defender. This is included with our Microsoft subscription & provides a better way to manage threat prevention within our schools.

We're no longer subscribed to AVG Antivirus - if you are being advised to renew, you can contact us and we'll happily remove it from your system.