If you require immediate assistance with an issue – contact our HelpDesk at helpdesk@sd64.org 

If you don’t require immediate assistance, you can submit a ticket on our online portal. SUBMIT A TICKET

Additionally, you can check the self serve Outage Map of any of our School Sites here. Use username & password tech/tech for access.

If you require assistance with something minor, your school tech rep can assist if they are available.
 Fernwood  Kelda Logan klogan@sd64.org
 Fulford  Jim Lightfoot jlightfoot@sd64.org
 SSE  Shelly Johnson sjohnson@sd64.org
 Phoenix Holly VanSchoor hvanschoor@sd64.org
 SIMS  Bryce Woollcombe bwoollcombe@sd64.org
 GISS  Maurice Last mlast@sd64.org
 Pender Angie Gray agray@sd64.org
 Mayne Katja Korinth kkorinth@sd64.org
 Galiano Erin Anderson eanderson@sd64.org
 Saturna Martin Anevich manevich@sd64.org
Board Office Glynis Finer gfiner@sd64.org
Plant Services Richard Frost rfrost@sd64.org
Emergenices Jacob Hall jhall@sd64.org