Service improvements to our schools

Each summer our IT Dept implements various changes and improvements to our School technology and infrastructure – these are based on a multitude of factors (eg: historical data collected from our teachers, support staff & students from tech tickets).

These these things help us learn, implement and hopefully improve the technology and backbone in each of our school sites. We also realize that each of our schools are unique, so our planning reflects the needs of each of our schools (how many users, what types of devices, how technology will be used in the student learning).

This fall, our staff & students can expect to see focused improvements in two key areas.. Wifi & resilience. Our IT Dept is making changes to our Wifi across all our schools to improve speed & coverage in many areas that were lacking proper coverage (classrooms where there may be heavier device usage, etc). We hope to see service improvements in areas such as video conferencing, collaboration tools & more.

We are also continuing our path of centralizing our core infrastructure for our school network – this allows our IT Dept to respond quicker to outages that would normally take our technicians longer to respond to (ferries, travel, etc). We appreciate that the Southern Gulf Islands are no stranger to winter storms – we hope these changes can help to add to the resilience of our Schools on Galiano, Mayne, Saturna and Pender Islands.

We’re excited and thrilled to see the positive changes these have for all our students and staff in the coming school year.