Cyber Hygiene while working from home – How to stay safe during Covid-19

Cyber Security is one of the mission critical focuses of many organizations around the world since the rise of data breaches in the last era.

Protecting student & faculty data is always top of mind for our IT Team – using modern hardware, software, techniques & experience to ensure a robust Infrastructure for our Schools.

Security, however, doesn’t stop at the IT Team. It’s everyone’s job in an organization to uphold a consistent practice of Security Hygiene. Did you know most security breaches over the last decade have been due to something as simple as a malicious email?

While this sounds overly simple, Security hygiene doesn’t have to be complicated! There a number of best practices & resources below that we hope you’ll find helpful in your role. Remember, good security hygiene not only protects you, but your fellow co-workers & our students data.

Reporting phishing & suspicious behavior
If you suspect a phishing attempt to your SD64 email, please report it here.

Faculty Resources:
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Training: Protecting your Information