Safety first… servicing technology this School year.

Welcome back
We're thrilled to begin another School year. While many things may seen different this fall due to how Covid-19 has affected our normal lives, we wanted to ensure our staff how we plan to continue servicing our technology needs that are critical to many of the services and learning tools across our schools.

Welcome Marc Wright, our dedicated HelpDesk!
Our Information Technology Dept introduced a new HelpDesk position in our team early March. Our HelpDesk is here to help and is a phone call or email away. We encourage all staff to contact the Helpdesk if they have any questions/technical issues.

HelpDesk Contact
(250) 222-7453

HelpDesk Hours
7:30am - 4:30pm Instructional Day

Self Serve ticket portal
In the past we used to designate site reps or tech teachers to submit tickets on behalf of our schools. We have moved to a self serve model to better fit our new remote-first, social distancing model.

Tickets can be submitted here:

Remote First
Our team has partnered with world class, secure & privacy centered remote assistance tools. This means we don't necessarily have to do an in-person visit to assist with your issue. Our IT Dept will generally try assisting remotely first to address your issue.

Walk In's
Since our IT Dept main office is situated at Gulf Islands Secondary School - we generally have allowed walk-in traffic for technical issues for anyone in the district. We are limiting walk-in traffic to appointment only. We please ask that anyone requiring assistance to submit a ticket or contact our HelpDesk over phone or email.

Our IT Dept will be following rigorous cleaning protocols whenever we complete work on technology - including keyboards/mice/chromebooks.

Site Visits
Sometimes it may not be possible to conduct a site visit due to physical distancing not being possible/busy classrooms/offices. In these cases our IT Dept will schedule an appropriate time to safely carry out repairs/work needed.