Microsoft Office 365
Compliance & privacy in our digital age
Office 365 is our core resource for collaboration and sharing. Each staff member is provided an account in the system.  To support all aspects of remote learning, every student is now provided with an Office 365 account.  For students in grades K through 8, this mirrors the anonymized login and password for their Gmail accounts if they have one.  Upon request, classroom teachers will be provided with login information to facilitate students and families establishing these new accounts.

Microsoft Teams and Classroom Note Book are excellent tools in Office 365 for delivering content and for collaborating with students.  Check out these online training resources to learn more:

Privacy & Security
We have a responsibility to ensure we’re meeting privacy standards within our province. Compliance involves utilizing a Mail, communication & data storage system that’s been recognized by our Government as meeting the needs of our BC School Districts for privacy compliance with our Provincial Laws. Microsoft O365 meets the stringent privacy needs of our province by housing this data in Servers stored in Canada.

There’s also great online training pertaining to Security & Protection of Information. This covers many of the questions regarding compliance, protection of data & best practices in today’s world.

Training and Resources

Microsoft Education Center
Learn and explore resources, earn badges & certificates on a personalized hub designed for Educators.

O365 Training Center
Learn the basics, quick tips, advanced training, cheat sheets and more.

Minecraft for Education
Learn how you can integrate Minecraft into your classroom. Great resources, tools & information on coding.

One Drive & Backup
Backup & Secure your sensitive data with One Drive.