June 18, 2018

O365 FAQ

Compliance & privacy in our digital age

This page is intended as an internal resource for staff in regards to our initiative to address privacy compliance in our district. Part of this compliance involves moving to a Mail system that’s been recognized by our Government as meeting the needs of our BC School Districts for privacy compliance with our Provincial Laws. Microsoft O365 meets the stringent privacy needs of our province by housing this data in Servers stored in Canada.

This page will include an ever evolving FAQ & Resource collection to assist in answering questions pertaining to the migration to this new ecosystem. For more in depth information on our provincial privacy laws, please see our Privacy Resource page here. 

There’s also great online training pertaining to Security & Protection of Information. This covers many of the questions regarding compliance, protection of data & best practices in today’s world.

Additionally, Microsoft has built an online website to assist Educators in learning more about O365 and the tools available to assist in the classroom. This is free for our district, and available by signing in with your O365 account. You can find the Microsoft Educator Community website here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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