NGN is complete!

After what seemed like a project that never ended, our district has finally transitioned our last site Windsor House and completed the transition to our Next Generation Network.

For those of you who’ve been following our journey, this marks a large milestone for our team in having all our school sites upgraded to a faster, more reliable fibre network. The journey hasn’t been without hurdles & challenges, but we’re pleased to be on the other side.

For those who haven’t followed our journey, or have no idea what an ‘NGN’ is.. it’s been a nearly two year process to upgrade our school sites from their aging ADSL internet connections to fibre. Additionally, new hardware & configurations now allow our tech team to use sophisticated monitoring tools & remote diagnostics to assist. This also allowed us the chance to master plan and built a brand new datacentre that securely houses our servers that run our whole network.

We’re very proud to have finally crossed the finish line and move into newer projects. Who knows what the future will bring!

-The tech team

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