Newer, faster networks.. coming soon!

Another year, another project. It always seems our team has something on the go… and that’s pretty much true. We had big changes to our district datacentre this summer & big changes to our faculty email this fall through our adoption of O365.

While we would love to admit we’re slowing down and just enjoying the ride.. our team is moving full steam ahead with a Ministry initiated project to upgrade & improve our network this summer.

We’ll be seeing some very welcomed change in to redundancy in our network backbone.. and added security at the school and datacenter level. Here’s a general breakdown of what’s on the horizon.

-Each School will have a new Palo Alto PA-220 series firewall installed, which offers significant increases in performance.

-Additionally, each school site will also have a spare Palo Alto firewall in case of equipment failure. This is a significant change in how we can ensure uptime at our more remote schools. Currently, it can take a few days to process a hardware replacement & get the replacement deployed.

-Two new redundant Palo Alto firewalls at our datacenter running in ‘high availability’ mode. Essentially, if one goes down, the other picks up.

-Introduction of VLAN’s into our school backbone – this will greatly increase the performance & flexibility in managing our network as it grows.

-A redesigned datacenter focused around a centralized storage solution, offsite data redundancy & 10G backbone to feed the needs of our users.

We’ll keep you updated as we go along.. and we promise, we’ll post some exciting pictures and team adventures along the way.