As part of our Microsoft O365 suite, our Educators and students have access to Minecraft for Education. This version of Minecraft has many features that are unique to Education. There is no cost to faculty or students to start using this version of Minecraft.

What's Minecraft?
Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. Educators in more than 115 countries are using Minecraft: Education Edition across the curriculum!

What's unique about the Education version?
-Project-based lessons, students build critical 21st century skills like collaboration, creative problem solving and digital citizenship.
-A set of tutorials and game features brings subjects to life in Minecraft: Education Edition and supports educators in classroom management and formative assessment.
-From computer science to mixed reality, Minecraft: Education Edition provides endless opportunities for exploration, storytelling and digital learning.

What can you do in Minecraft Education Edition?


Collaborate on projects with classmates.


Document your work & share in class.


Effectively communicate learning objectives in-game.


Getting Started with Minecraft for Education
If you're eager to get started with Minecraft with your class, please reach out to our IT Dept and we will get you and your students setup.

If this is your first time using Minecraft, we strongly encourage you to download Minecraft yourself & explore the game to get a better understanding of all the tools and options available. There are many Education focused settings we recommend exploring before starting - these can help fine tune the experience depending on what you're exploring with your students.

Some great resources to get started...


Minecraft Lessons
These are lesson plans designed by Teachers that contain a variety of objectives across a variety of skillsets. You can fine tune your search to find over 500 lessons in things like creativity, critical thinking & more!

Check them out here.

Learning Minecraft
This is an introductory course for Educators wanting to learn how to use Minecraft Education Edition in their classroom. This includes eight lessons that walk you through getting started.

Course information here

Classroom Build Challenges
Engage your students' creativity and strengthen skills with these easy-to-implement activities for your classroom.

Check them out here


Getting Started with Minecraft
Join one of the members of our IT Dept walk through onboarding with Minecraft - in this short 20 minute video you'll learn how to sign in, configure your world, explore some basic features & enable the coding portion of the game.

Check out the video here.

Getting Started PDF Guide

This guide will walk you through basic getting started instructions, including some troubleshooting for common issues you may run into.

Getting Started PDF



Ready to begin?
Minecraft for Education works on Mac, PC & iPad. You can download the latest version for Mac & PC here.

If you're using a SD64 issued iPad, please head to the Self Serve store to download MInecraft for Education. Please do not use the App Store. To learn about how our Self Store works, please check our our iPad page.

Hosting from home?

If you're working from home, some ports on your home router may need to be opened so you can share your map with your students. Please submit a ticket and our IT Dept is happy to assist you with this.