Maintaining good Cyber Hygiene while working remotely

Working remotely either from home or multiple locations means that it’s more important than ever to stay secure. By following some simple practices, this can go a long way in protecting yourself & any sensitive information you work with.

Stay network aware

-If you’re using a laptop, ensure that you are connected to a trusted Wi Fi network.
-If you’re using a public network (not home or within School District networks), it’s recommended to use a VPN. If you don’t have a VPN and would like to use one, please contact our SD64 HelpDesk and we can assist.
-Ensure your home wireless network is password protected & using WPA2 encryption. Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) if you’re unsure.

Stay email aware

-Cyber crime is on the rise – especially since many folks are now working from home.
-Avoid opening emails from unknown sources (check the sender email address if you’re not sure!)
-Recognizing & deleting spam messages purporting to be from official sources (report them to our Helpdesk here).
-Never providing passwords or credit cards to individuals outside the organization.

Stay device aware

-Lock your device when you walk away (or log off when you’re done).
-Store sensitive documents in compliant cloud solutions (does it meet FOIPPA?)
-Ensure you have a backup solution (see One Drive for faculty)
-Keep your device updated & patched. This protects you and your data from potential threats.

Not sure? Report it!

-Lastly, if you’re not sure, report it to our Information Technology Team through our self serve ticket portal.


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