What we do
Our tech team manages hundreds of iPads across the district to ensure our staff & students can get online, print, communicate & much more. We ensure that updates, apps & configurations stay up-to-date and keep track of the many Apps that our students use for learning each day.

How do I buy Apps?
Because our iPads are enrolled and managed by our District iPad Server (MDM), all App purchases must be done through the tech team. This ensures we get aggressive pricing when we bulk purchase Apps – plus, there are likely other Educators that will see value in the same App in another one of our Schools.

Purchasing Apps through the Apple App Store is against our terms of service with Apple – we advise against this method for obtaining new Apps.

To request an App, simply fill out the iPad App request form. Purchases for Apps are completed and pushed out over the air to iPads on a regular basis by our team.

How do I download Apps?
If you’re unsure of what Apps are available, you can check the entire repository of Apps in the Self Serve Store which is available on all our District managed iPads. The Icon will look similar to this:

**Please note that Apps are automatically charged to school budgets.
*Please submit only one App at a time when completing the Request Form.