Welcome 2020-21 School Year!

Our Information Technology Dept is comprised of a four person team - including a dedicated HelpDesk, two Field Technicians & Sys Admin. Together, our team supports our School Board Office, School Sites & Maintenance Dept.

We strive to offer a responsive, effective & personable approach to tech support.

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Tech support for faculty

Our Information Technology Dept has a dedicated Helpdesk to assist over phone or email during instructional days. Additonally, you may use the Self Serve ticket portal as a convenient way to log your technical issues. Our HelpDesk will follow up and possibly escalate to another team member should a remote repair or visit be necessary.

HelpDesk Contact
(250) 883-6186

HelpDesk Hours
7:30am - 4:30pm Instructional Day

Self Serve Ticket
You can submit a ticket at anytime through our self-serve portal. This goes directly to our HelpDesk to review and follow up with.

Please review our Ticketing Best Practices

What we support

-All District owned hardware (Macs, PC's, Tablets, Printers & Copiers).
-Setup & creation of O365/Gsuite/faculty/student accounts/lab logins.
-Performance related issues (poor Wifi, slow internet, site outages).
-District infrastructure (Servers, switches, access points).
-Personal devices (BYOD) *We only support getting devices on our wifi network/printing capabilities may be provided.

What we don't support

-Repair (hardware or software) on personal BYOD devices.
-Software support for non-major Operating Systems (Linux, CentOS, etc).
-Backup or retention of personal data.

Working Hours

Our Information Technology team is available between 7:30am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday. Our team is not available for work outside these hours unless approved by the board or Director of Instruction & Learning Services.


If your school site has a technical related emergency & requires one of our team members to resolve, please contact our HelpDesk directly at helpdesk@sd64.org

Please keep in mind emergencies are generally categorized as the following:

-Total site outage (no internet)
-Server outage (access to critical School related resources)
-Time sensitive work or project hampered by non working technology
-Assistive Technology no longer working

Often our team will book weeks in advance to facilitate visits, meetings, fixes & various projects around our unique Gulf island geography. We will always do the best we can to serve you given our team size & current ticket load.

Self Serve Outage Map

You can check the self serve Outage Map of any of our School Sites here. Use username & password tech/tech for access. (WAN only)*