Ransomware. What is it and how does it affect me?

From time to time I get asked where I work and what I do – my reply is “I work at a School District.. and I’m a Network Systems Analyst!” I’m sure you won’t be surprised that most people have no idea what that means. “A Network what..?” Not even­ a decade earlier, Ransomware wasn’t Read more about Ransomware. What is it and how does it affect me?[…]

ECS is completed at SD64

Our Information Technology Team is thrilled to announce we’ve finished our ECS (Enhanced Cybersecurity) Project. This project entailed a multi-year process in preparing & planning our school based private networks for the next 3-5 years to serve our students and faculty. This project not only tightened the security posture of all our Schools, but greatly Read more about ECS is completed at SD64[…]

Training & Resources for Educators

Free online training for Educators Wondering what this O365 thing is about? Want to learn more about Minecraft and how it can be relevant in the classroom? What’s computational thinking? How do I learn more about coding? The good news is, Microsoft has created an amazing, free resource available to Educators. The Microsoft Educator community Read more about Training & Resources for Educators[…]

Important Information for all Staff about new email accounts

For release: June 14, 2018 Addressing Privacy Issues:  This is an exciting time in our district’s technology update process. We have been working hard to make our systems more secure and to improve compliance with BC provincial privacy laws. One of the steps in that process is switching our e-mail from the Google platform to Office 365. The reason Read more about Important Information for all Staff about new email accounts[…]